BY STEVE WARMBIR Staff Reporter/

How can you engage in a sex act without touching?

Cicero Town President Larry Dominick just may have the answer.

In a deposition in a court case in March 2009, Dominick was asked if he had ever touched Sharon Starzyk, the woman who ran the town’s animal shelter.

“No,” Dominick replied under oath.

In a deposition in a separate court case in February this year, though, Dominick testified under oath he would visit Starzyk’s home starting in 2005 when he was town president and “play with her dog and eat there and once in a while whatever came up sexually.”

“Well, we had sex about, I don’t know, four to six, seven times,” Dominick said, later clarifying it was oral sex. Starzyk insists she never had any sexual relations with Dominick.

Starzyk and another former town employee, an auxiliary town police officer named Janidet Lujano, are suing Dominick in two sexual harassment cases. Dominick has denied doing anything wrong in either case.

Ray Hanania, a spokesman for the Town of Cicero, said Starzyk has a history of being litigious and was upset when Dominick married his current wife and spurned her.

“If she doesn’t get what she wants, she sues you,” Hanania said.

Starzyk’s attorney has said a jury won’t buy Dominick’s defense that Starzyk is a jilted lover.

Dominick’s lawyer, Craig Tobin, said there is no conflict in the two statements that Dominick gave over his relations with Starzyk.

The question to Dominick in the first deposition was: “Did you ever touch Sharon Starzyk?”

Dominick understood that question to mean if he had ever touched Starzyk — inappropriately, as opposed to consensually, Tobin said.

The questions immediately before that one dealt with whom Lujano voted for in a town election. Earlier in the deposition, Dominick was asked if he had ever made any sexual comments to Starzyk, which he denied.

Tobin argued that the question must be understood in the context of the entire deposition in which Dominick was asked repeatedly about inappropriate touching and other alleged misdeeds.

Dominick “was denying that he engaged in unwelcome contact with her,” Tobin said.

Any suggestion that the answer could constitute perjury would be “ludicrous,” Tobin said.

Dana Kurtz, the attorney who asked Dominick the question in the first deposition about Starzyk, said the question was “very clear.”

“It says did you ever touch her,” Kurtz said, noting Dominick did not ask for clarification.

When Starzyk was a Cicero employee, she secretly recorded Dominick for the FBI. She contends he told her to lie when she was questioned in Lujano’s deposition about Dominick’s sexual harassment. Dominick denied under oath ever telling Starzyk to lie but took the Fifth when pressed on details of that conversation with Starzyk.